Thursday, May 19, 2005

Bumblebee Auctions Triples Revenue

Sussex Police Authority have made the Chief Constable’s Update Report from their 16 December 2004 meeting available online.

It describes the results of their six month pilot with the Virtual Bumblebee and Bumblebee Auctions systems.

The report confirms that Virtual Bumblebee has produced "increased success reuniting victims of theft with their stolen property" for the force, but also notes that;
  • "By matching seized property to victims of crime and by opening new lines of enquiry, it is helping to increase the number of offenders brought to justice.
  • "By giving property clerks a whole new way of working and greater involvement in the investigation, it is reinventing and rejuvenating their role."

The report also says of the related Bumblebee auctions system that;

  • "This is a far more efficient way of disposing of property
  • "Gains higher prices for items of property than previous methods; and, of course, it is
  • "Accessible from anywhere in the world."
And concludes that "the combination of these benefits has led to a three fold increase in revenues, when compared to local auctions".

Any other Police forces interested in the system are encourages to contact Coraider by calling 020 8417 0625 or emailing


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