Thursday, December 01, 2005

"Trap Bikes" launched in Brighton

Yesterday, police in Brighton & Hove are launched a crime prevention campaign incorporating virtual bumblebee aimed at the city's cyclists after a recent increase in reported stolen bikes.

On average, two to three bikes are stolen every day so, in an attempt to deter thieves, police have launched "trap bikes" in the city. The bikes have been fitted with sophisticated, miniature tracking devices which, when the bike is moved, is activated allowing police to follow the trail, locate the bike and arrest the thief.

Sgt Laurence Cartwright said: "The number of bikes stolen accounts for a large amount of the thefts we see in the city. The aim of the "trap bikes" is to reduce the number of bikes being stolen across the city and to arrest those responsible."

The first day of action will also see officers and police community support officers stopping cyclists to offer crime prevention advice.

Sgt Laurence Cartwright added: "There are some very simple tips cyclists can take on board to protect their property.

"Always lock your bike when you leave it, even if you're just popping into a shop for a minute. It's better to fit a steel D-shaped shackle lock recommended by your bicylce dealer or the police rather than a padlock and chain.

"Wherever possible, you should lock your bike to something solid and in view of a CCTV camera. If your wheels come off easily, remove the front wheel and lock it to the frame and back wheel, using a second lock if necessary.

"Keep a list of the make and model of your bike along with details of the frame number, its colour and any accessories or special features. If you can, take a photograph and keep it with these details. Lock It, List It, Don't Lose It."

On Saturday 3rd December, cyclists are invited to attend Brighton Police station on John Street to have their bicycles post code stamped.

Police have also added details of recovered bicycles to the Virtual Bumblebee system. This link to the Sussex Police website, or this link to the Virtual Bumblebee website will immediately show the list of Operation COG recovered bicycles from the Brighton area.

For further information, please contact your local crime prevention officer on 0845 60 70 999.

UK Police forces sell bicycles that cannot be returned to their rightful owners on Bumblebee Auctions here.