Saturday, January 15, 2000

HMIC hail Coraider Work

Coraider Services work on SPIKE, the Surrey Police Information and Knowledge, which makes provides users single consistent interface to all the computer based information that it is appropriate for them to view has been praised in the 1999 Inspection carried out by Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary which says that it "represents the cutting edge of managing knowledge in the police service".

Section 4.1 of the report entitled Information Technology says:

This is a real strength of Surrey Police. Performance information particularly is very accessible from the Intranet. Figures for July 1999 indicated that 78,000 user sessions took place on the Intranet, which led to 500,000 hits and the downloading of 380,000 pages of information. The faith of the staff in the effectiveness of their information systems is always apparent and apparently always well placed. The Intranet is a user-friendly, informative, virtually indispensable tool for every type of member of staff. Admittedly, divisional management teams undergoing performance reviews by the assistant chief constable (territorial operations) have shown a marked desire to represent their results on paper as well as on screen. However, simple measures such as publishing Force orders weekly on the Intranet and inviting those who feel they need a paper copy to print one themselves are efficient and cost effective and have begun to persuade staff to prefer the electronic publication to the paper one. It is the contention of the information services department that the technical staff will be aware of the operation system and that the user will know only the interface. This was borne out by the majority of staff encountered during the Inspection.

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