Monday, April 12, 2004


Coraider Services has been appointed to develop a Tablet PC application that will be used by radiologists throughout the UK. This new application will upgrade an earlier version that was developed for Psion organisers.

The PERFORMS reporter package will be designed to give radiologists immediate feedback on their breast screening skills and diagnostic performance.

Participation in PERFORMS provides the participating radiologist/radiographer with information concerning the number of malignant cases they missed, whether they tend to not detect or misinterpret various key mammographic features and also provides information concerning how they are performing in comparison with their anonymous colleagues.

Additionally, the system also provides details concerning the specific cases that the radiologist/radiographer incorrectly recalled for further assessment (false positive decision) or incorrectly returned to normal screen (false negative decision). This information identifies any feature(s) that the participant did not detect or misinterpreted and indicates their location on the mammogram. Pathology information is also provided where appropriate. The Reporter software the SA film set therefore provides training as well as assessment of radiologist's/radiographer's performance.


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